Native Kid’s Toothbrush Program

The Program and Hopes for 2019

Native Cooperative began a program in 2018 to distribute Toothbrushes directly to Native Children in the classroom setting. In addition we included a small tube of toothpaste and a small coloring book with information related to dental care. These modest beginnings of 300 pieces in 2018 garnered significant support, excitement and acceptance in the classroom by administrators, parents and the children in particular.. for many their first toothbrush.

We have been asked to expand the program to cover more school districts/classrooms this year. We have set a goal for distribution of 3600 pieces in 2019, but to accomplish this we need your help. We are currently purchasing what has quickly become a favorite of the children, charcoal toothbrushes… see below for info.. While these retail for $3.00 to $5.00 each depending on location.. We have a supplier in China where we can purchase them for .36 cents each… plus shipping. We ask you donate to help us make this years goal possible by donating .36 cents for 1, $3.60 for 10 or $36.00 for 100 brushes.. A Paypal donation button is located below for your convienance…. 100 percent goes to purchase of toothbrushes as shown below.

For those of you who wish to purchase and donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, small bars of soap, children’s meds such as Motrin and other toiletries (Small bottles of shampoo, soaps etc obtained from motel-hotel stays are particularly useful in our communities and we often take boxes of them to Native Hospital’s) You may send them directly to us, a mailing address is located below.

The Toothbrushes

100% Biodegradable eco bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristle toothbrush,private label black bamboo toothbrush

Natural anti-bacterial charcoal bristles

Made from sustainably harvested bamboo


1 Brush – .36 cents
10 Brushes – $3.60
100 Brushes – $36.00
(All amounts welcome – Thank you!)

Direct Product Donations should be mailed to:
Native Cooperative
27100 Oakmead Drive
Perrysburg, Oh 43551