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Native American Blueberries, Rubel, Sunshine Blue, Jersey and Ozarkblue

Introduction Many botanists believe blueberry predecessor plants could be the most ancient fruit plants on earth. Put some in your cereal bowl for a 13,000 years old healthy treat. The extended blueberry family includes countless permutations throughout the world. From land cover varieties that grow close to the ground to vigorously growing upright plants. Every […]

American Indian Health Crisis – Diabetes, Alcoholism and Depression

“Our nation’s first inhabitants [American Indians] are suffering from among the worst health disparities in the world, and that shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone,” says Donald Warne, MD, MPH, in his article in the Winter 2008 edition of The Pain Practitioner, the official Journal of the American Academy of Pain Management. While studying for his […]

7 Native American Herbal Healing Secrets

Pic White Sage Are you aware of the fact that Native Americans lived in this country for thousands of years and never had one case of many of the common illnesses we face daily? I believe the reason they were healthier is because they lived off the land and used herbs and other plants as […]

Native American Herbal Medicine

Pic Boneset Native American herbal medicine has been used for treating common illnesses and conditions for centuries. In fact, some people still use these ancient herbal cures today. Herbal remedies were a fundamental component of the Native American culture that went far beyond treating the symptoms of illnesses and into spirituality as part of the […]

A Native American Teaching On Water

Smoky Mountains

  “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” Slovakian proverb Our bodies are made primarily of water, as is planet earth. Yet how often do we think about our relationship with water? Or how to protect it and use it? It is universally accepted that there can be no life without water. It […]

Opioid epidemic threatens Cherokee children

Opioid epidemic threatens Cherokee children

‘We see the worst of the worst’ Kristi Eaton – Washington Post May 3 Opioid epidemic threatens Cherokee children and the Nation’s future: Nikki Baker-Limore never thought she would see anything worse than methamphetamine hit her community. But the executive director of the Indian Child Welfare Act office for the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma says […]

Native American Government Grants

The section of the US population that has been stuck with the highest level of poverty and the lowest life expectancy rate are Native Americans. Grant funds are now available to try and turn this drastic reality around and reverse the trends of poverty and illness in Native Americans. The Federal government has allocated funds […]

Bergomat – The Native American Herb

  The Bergamot herb plant is native to America and are commonly grown as ornamental’s to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. But is now very popular worldwide due to a number of uses in food, scent and alternative medicine. It is also know as Oswego Tea or Bee Balm. Bergamot is related to the aromatic mint family and […]

Substance Abuse Programs for Native Youth

Programs for Native Youth The Native Youth Educational Services Workgroup provides information about programs and resources that address substance use disorders among Native youth. The Native Youth Educational Services Workgroup, part of the Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee, serves as a resource to tribes and Indian Country. It includes: A chair from […]

Ending Violence Against Native Women

Ending Violence Against Native Women In the United States, violence against indigenous women has reached unprecedented levels on tribal lands and in Alaska Native villages. More than 4 in 5 American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced violence, and more than 1 in 2 have experienced sexual violence. Alaska Native women continue to suffer […]