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Bev Doolittle “SEASON OF THE EAGLE” Camoflauge-Indian-Native American-Alaska-Art


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**Bev Doolittle**

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This is a beautiful SOLD-OUT, SIGNED AND NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION print by BEV DOOLITTLE titled “SEASON OF THE EAGLE” that was done in 1989.  This is a hard print to find in perfect condition since it has been SOLD-OUT for over 20 years and there 36548 prints in circulation world-wide.   The image size is 21″w X 30 3/4″h.

“In the life of an Indian, every new day,
every encounter with bird or beast, and everything he owned or wore had
religious significance. The Indians prayed each day to the
One-Who-Made-All-Things, the Crow Ah-badt-dadt-deah. Since all creatures were
made by the Great Spirit, the Indian considered the animals and birds with whom
he shared his home not only sacred, but brothers. Each creature had unique
powers and skills and the Indians believed that God had placed them on the
Mother Earth to teach them valuable lessons. The eagle embodied courage and
speed, skills the Indians needed for successful war and hunting, and eagles were
revered as messengers of the Great Spirit. In the highest passes of the Rocky
Mountains, spring arrives late in the year. As the snow melts, swollen, rushing
streams and rivers tell the Indians that passes to more fertile hunting grounds
will be open. The melting snow patterns speak to the Indians also. These are
messages from the Great Spirit. It is because of the Indians’ special reverence
for the eagle that I have chosen to incorporate him into my most resent
painting, Season of the Eagle”
“In a
remote mountain valley
where winter lingers into summer
the Great
sends messages of fair weather and good hunting
on the wings of a
on the flight of a lake
This is the Season of the Eagle.”

Bev Doolittle
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